Celebrating Those Who Put Us to Work!

Are you interested in advertising on our blog or within our one of our PatriotMade Audio podcasts, or our other audio productions? Contact: Debra Grobman via email: debra@flatlandsavellc.com or call her at (323) 939-8253.

PatriotMade Audio is a production of Flatlands Avenue Productions, LLC. We produce audio stories and podcasts for use in broadcast and webcast productions that showcase American businesses trying their best to source materials and labor in the USA.

Listen to our recent stories and please contact us with your story suggestions and comments. We celebrate those who support American sourced staff on their payrolls, innovate U.S. technology, and are the brain trust of our country. We recognize all Americans, immigrants, native-born, and indigenous people who are doing the best they can to be productive members of our society.

What We Do

PatriotMade Audio showcases goods and services made in America, employing Americans and neighbors in our communities, and artists and writers who embody the independent American spirit.

Our Mission is to shed light through stories on the possibilities and challenges of making goods and creating jobs in the U.S.


Through PatriotMade Audio we share ideas through our audio reports about the people,places and things that are Made in the U.S.A.

Where else you can find Patriot-Made Audio on the Internet?

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