Patriot is to Loyalist is to working at a place a long time.

Why is it that one political party claims the word Patriot as its own?  I’ve been getting spam from a Presidential candidate’s campaign and it’s because I write posts on something called the Patriot-Made Audiocast site, on  I resent this.  First–who needs the Spam?  Second, why assume I am writing about politics just because I write about patriots?

Being a patriot is a feeling in ones gut. Being loyal to a country or a people.  Wayne Sosin, whom I interviewed in the Audiocasts about Worksman Cycles has worked for Worksman since 1979.  That’s a long time to be with one company.  Something made him loyal to it.  Maybe it’s because Worksman has been loyal to him, and the other people on the payroll.   (Sosin says there are about 60 on it as I write this.)

I am a patriot.  I try to show it by how I shop, and where I shop.  I support my community by volunteering to help people when disaster strikes, or when first responders need a hand with crowd control.   I also am very fond of talking with people, and getting them to tell me their stories.  I enjoy working with audio and producing entertaining and informative pieces about people, like Wayne, who are loyal to those with whom they work, and employ.

So, if you know people who make things in America, and are proud of how long they’ve been able to keep their businesses ticking along–please, get in touch with me.  I promise I won’t bite.  Let me record your stories and produce another Patriot-Made Audiocast just for you.





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