New Phase for the Patriot-Made Audiocast!

We’re getting ready to re-launch and revamp our blogsite and are looking for sponsors for the Patriot-Made Audiocast.   Debra Grobman and Rita Rich are excited about the positive feedback we’ve gotten from the professional communicators who work at Americas top manufacturing companies.



There truly is excitement for all things made in America using American made materials.  It takes a lot of guts to start a company, and keep one going these days.  To those who put their best ideas in action–we salute you and want to share your stories.  Our goal is to find traditional over-the-air, and major communications companies websites, which want to share the stories we produce about Patriot-Made America…which is neither red, blue or purple in political parlance, but is a feeling of pride and devotion to one’s country or cause.   Our cause at Patriot-Made Audiocast:   Showcase products and things made in America because making these things employs ourselves and our neighbors.

Contact us at either or  Like us on Facebook!

Let us produce feature stories about you, the people who you like, and people who you wish to sell to.

And, share the love!



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