What Is Patriot-Made Audiocast™

Patriot-Made Audiocast™

It’s been awhile since Debra Grobman and I began our journey to create Patriot-Made Audiocast™ reports.  So, I thought our report subjects and those who stumble upon our blog would like an updated description about what it is that we are doing.   Thank you all for being interested in buying, wearing, using goods and services that are made in America.   Your desire isn’t to isolate our country from the rest of the world.  Your desire is to do what you can to put dollars and cents behind making our country stronger, with the hopes that your cash gets into the hands of your neighbors and friends. And, you take pride in what some call good old-fashioned American ingenuity.  You’re a patriot. 

 We thank you again.   Rita Rich 

What is the Patriot-Made Audiocast™:  A series of feature stories about the people and the things they make in America. Things that are consumed, worn, enjoyed, by all: food, shoes, boots, clothing, art, music, candy, cosmetics, toiletries, etc.   Things that help others make things and build the places where we live in our country.

Why the Patriot-Made Name : Because it can, and should, refer to any proud citizen of our country who invests himself in his community to enrich and serve the lives of others, whether it’s creating a food to meet the needs of those with special needs or a product that creates just one other job in America.  Being called a patriot doesn’t mean you’re a member of any political, religious, sectarian group or organization. Being a patriot is something a person feels from within.

Why Audiocast: Working with audio and sound is the passion of Patriot-Made Audiocast’s co-creators, Rita Rich and Debra Grobman, who are veteran radio professionals.  Both feel passionately about how audio enriches our everyday lives and is the most intimate and portable medium harnessed by humankind.  Listen to Patriot-Made Audiocast™ over the airwaves and on your personal digital device like your smart phone, Mp3 player or personal computer.

Why You Should Contribute Your Stories to Patriot-Made:  The producers ask  for your time to record a quick interview. In return you and your products are featured in stories that will be featured on websites, newsletters, blogs, radio stations and their websites, as well as, social network sites that are visited, or read, by thousands and thousands of readers and listeners who have already opted-in to receiving them.

Sponsorship inquiries are most welcome!

Contacts:  Rita Rich at info@ritarichmedia.net and Debra Grobman at dgcreative@mindspring.com



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