Zippers! Zippers! I’m surrounded by thousands of zippers!

It’s not unusual for people of a certain generation to tell somebody to “zip it.”  It’s a way of saying “keep a secret,” or “be quiet before you say something embarrassing.”  But for the Feibusch family of New York, “zipping it” is a way of life.   Once upon a time immigrants came to New York and got jobs in sweatshops that clothed a nation. Eddie Feibusch, the patriarch of the Feibusch family, and his wife Susie, run, with their son Jeff the last store in Manhattan that catered to the thousands of factories that created whatever New York’s famed garment center dreamed of.  But, as you’ll hear, since 9/11/01 Feibusch has expanded to the global market by way of the website  — storefrontmarquee

Zippers are one of the best ways to close a garment around a person….they keep pants up, wardrobe “malfunctions” from happening, provide cold blocking seals for camping tents and sleeping bags.  You name it-you’ve zippered something shut.   So- take a listen to how our story about the world famous! Here’s how it sounds on the Progressive Voices Channel on TuneIn 

As always, your feedback and story suggestions are welcome.


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