Connecting with the Past…Sounds, Like a Cutting from Grandmas Garden

(Listen to the report here:
We at Patriot-Made had the great pleasure of spending over an hour on the Skype with Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally. Perhaps it’s the world of blue grass/country and musicians that they live in everyday that made the time seem like no time at all. It was one of the friendliest, free-flowing chats we recorded.

Here’s a short spot about these fine folks, who delight in sharing the warmth and beauty of their lives, like they do the nutrition and bounty of their garden: one clip at a time. You’ll find that Nell and Jim–siblings from different mothers and fathers–share stories of their lives, with every song that they sing. Take a listen to this report, and if you’re interested in the CD that inspired it called, “House & Garden” you’ll find it at

Proceeds of the CD go to the American Community Gardening Association.


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