Campfire Stories

There are so many great Made in the USA products and so many great stories to choose from. But, there are some things that are just natural for hanging around the campfire on a summer’s night.

Where would we be without treats around the campfire? So, I present to you a proudly Made In America product, from the American Licorice Company. While you are thinking about sucking on a Red or Black Red, or Natural Vine; or sticking it into a can of beverage and using one as a straw, please remember to clean up your campsite!

American Licorice Company is working on a great project everyday–throwing less things into the garbage!campfire
Hear Their story here:

Then, think about where you’d be if your tent or sleeping bag had a broken zipper! You’d need to find a replacement for it, right? Might as well buy from an American supplier!
Learn more about the business that Mr. Feibusch built-in 1941 in New York, NY.  By clicking on the link below:

If you have any story suggestions please send them along. We’re always looking for stories about corporate social responsibility, businesses that create jobs in communities, and people who epitomize Americana.


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