Our Visit to Atlanta

Patriot-Made Audiocast, aka, Patriot-Made Audio attended a portion of the America’s Mart for the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market. We were on the prowl for stories and found a few businesses willing to talk to us about whatever they were peddling.

We found out that the manufacturers of goods for home, office, bars, restaurants, event planners, kitchens, and gift stores were very open about how they try to do business-when we were not recording our audio.  What was said off microphone was, for the most part, very positive.  But, that’s not what’s going to keep you reading and scratching your heads in thought. Here’s what will:

A) The best members of the American workforce are new immigrants.

B) White and black men are virtually unemployable in the manufacturing sectors.

C) American labor increases the price tag on products, sometimes, by 100%.

D) Customized items have to be made in America for the short turn-around-time customers demand.

E) Choosing to make stuff in the USA is an ethical and moral decision that will not make you a millionaire, at least, not instantly.

F) The ability to safely eat, use with food, feed to children and pets is second to none with American made products. Government regulations do protect us from poisonous, cancer-causing ingredients.

Did “B” get your attention?  That comment was made by a prominent mid-west business man. It stunned us to hear it.  But, then a Pacific northwest businesswoman said that sadly, she found his remark to be true.  American born laborers fool around on the job, would rather question a direction given to them by a supervisor or manager than follow orders, and produce less product within any given work day than their emigre co-worker.

Do you want a job, doing the same set of tasks, with your hands, over and over again? Have you ever held a job like that? Are you willing to take a job like that in order to take home a paycheck after being unemployed for any amount of time?  Your comments are welcome here, and on our Facebook page. But, please don’t spam. Our web host at WordPress will block your comments.  Let’s have a real conversation, shall we?


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