Memorial Day Story 1-Featuring Commander Kim Mitchell, President of the Easter Seal’s Dixon Center


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You might have been cheated as a kid. You might have lived years after a war was all over the all news cable channels, and when film (yes, film) of the gruesome images of dead bodies and bombs blowing up landscapes took hours to get on standard definition TV. You might not be able to relate to anybody who travelled thousands of miles to fight for strangers in a strange land, so it might be not interesting to talk about, let alone think about. 

We hope this story gets you thinking, and reading beyond your assigned text book and beyond the wiki postings.  Let the words of President and co-founder of the Easter Seal’s Dixon Center inspire you to think again about wars that were “before your time.” Let Kim Mitchell remind you that this Memorial Day it’s the families of the civilians and those who fought in conflicts who are also veteran’s and casualties of war. Remember them too on Memorial Day.

Do, please, take a listen by clicking the highlighted text here.  Kim Mitchell Reflects on Memorial Day. We encourage your feedback. We thank you for following us here and on Facebook.



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