Stocking Stuffer Suggestion: Seeds of Happiness

Bag of SeedsHow a smile can be the best you can do for someone facing a real tough time this holiday season.  Artist and entrepreneur Mark Borella shares his story about Seeds of Happiness with Patriot-Made Audiocast producer, Rita Rich.  Visit the Seeds of Happiness website.  In addition to their original Seeds of Happiness, their product line also includes large smiles, specialty seeds, ie. sunflower seeds, graduate seeds, and a full apparel line. Mark is proud that SOH are handmade in the USA, follow SOH viaTwitter.

Patriot-Made Audio encourages holiday shoppers to spend $114.00 in 2014, on U.S. made products, to help create 200,000 jobs. Debra Grobman, co-founder of Patriot-Made Audio says, “If each person spends just $114.00 on U.S. made products and gifts, it could potentially create 200,000 jobs.  Gobman continues, “If the total amount of sales for the holiday season is spent only on U.S. made products which totals  more than $465 billion in sales, the National Retail Federation estimates. If that money was spent entirely on US made  products it would create 4.6 million jobs.

Rita Rich, an award winning story teller and co-founder of Patriot-Made Audio says, “It is our hope that we all can make a difference, by starting a new holiday tradition to support U.S. based jobs, grow middle America and our U.S. Economy.”


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