Labor411 Helps Santa Deliver U.S. Made Gifts & Jobs!

Shoppers---I bet they buy Made In the USA
Young Ladies Shopping

In our recent news release, Patriot-Made Encourages Shoppers to Spend $114 in 2014 on US MADE Gifts, during the holiday season. Did you know that spending just a few dollars on Made In America products can create hundreds of thousands of jobs?  Patriot-Made Audiocast talks with the publisher of, Cherri Senders. 

Labor411 provides directories and shopping lists of Union Made goods that make it easy to buy Made in USA. Need holiday shopping ideas? One of the toughest hurdles for most people is finding stores that sell US Made products.  The link below provides a list of 24 stores to help make your American buying experience easier. Labor411’s lists topical product categories with everything from clothing to jewelry to furniture and automotive products. Visit their product directory here and help support the creation of American jobs. And, there are even more featured products here.  

Join both Patriot-Made and Labor411’s campaigns to spend more on Made in America this month!


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