logo March 19, 2014

A Chat with Labor411’s Cherri Senders & Chris Garlock of DCLabor.org

Cherri SendersThis is the 3rd in a series of reports and today we are featuring Labor411.0rg’s Cherri Sendersand and Chris Garlock of DCLabor.org. The two organization leaders talked with Patriot-Made Audiocast’s Rita Rich about the social and economic impacts of spending just 10% of your holiday budget on Made in USA.    

In addition, Chris points out the value of union workers discovering places that are operated by other union members. Please also checkout our friends at Labor411’s director for our nation’s capital and the Washington DC Executive Board.

Patriot-Made Audiocast continues to encourage listeners and fans to spend $114 in 2014 because seasonal spending creates hundreds of thousands of jobs here in America. Check out our interview and listen in on the conversation!


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