Valentine’s & Chocolates – Midwest Made

American Made South Bend Chocolates for Valentines Day

South Bend Chocolate Company (SBCC) is American Made! Patriot Made Audio interviews SBCC’s CEO Mark Tarner about their gourmet chocolates, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Take a listen to our latest podcast interview by clicking here.

What a great way to celebrate a tradition like Valentine’s Day with an American Made gift for loved ones. More information can be found at, with a complete assortment of gourmet chocolates, which can be ordered online  featuring Valentine’s Day right on their homepage.

President Mark Tarner is proud of his company’s website, which caters to both a wholesale and retail customer, including the buyer’s at posh Saks Fifth Avenue Department stores.  Know that every bite of a chocolate, popcorn, or cookie treat, includes natural ingredients grown in Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio or Michigan.

In 1991, Mark founded the South Bend Chocolate Company (SBCC) and operated it as a second business. The company got its start making chocolates under a license from the University of Notre Dame. Its first three products were the Domer, Rockne and Nuts for ND.

Chocolate Covered Earth
Imagine a Chocolate Covered Earth

Then, in August 1994, the SBCC incorporated with Mr. and Mrs. Tarner as majority shareholders. They now produce over 500 items and are the fastest growing chocolate company in the nation, with thirteen company-owned stores in northern Indiana and four franchised locations throughout Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

The factory is located at 3300 W. Sample Street in South Bend and occupies 60,000 square feet.


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