More Than A Living Wage

walmartThe elephant in the room in recent national news is about how people can no longer live on the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25 an hour. Some have even gone so far as asking people to take the challenge to livetheWage. The push to increase the national minimum wage has steadily intensified in the past year–as the minimum wage has remained unchanged since 2009, and the wage for tipped workers has remained at $2.13 an hour since 1991.  Someone who works full time on the minimum wage earns only $290 a week — after housing costs and taxes, that breaks down to just about $77 a week to spend on food and transportation.  We’ve seen advocates and protests calling for better living wages in the news.  And, as a result, some incremental changes are unfolding.

For example, CNN Money reports that Walmart will be giving it’s lowest-paid workers a $1.75 an hour pay raise, beginning in April. And, there are other large retail companies like TJMaxx who will increase pay.  And, a week after Walmart said it would bump its roughly 500,000 lowest-paid employees up to $9 per hour wage, other retail chains announced a similar plan to hike wages. Be sure to check out the list of 10 big corporations who are paying more than minimum wage.

logoWe want our Patriot-Made Audio listeners to know there are small companies out there who are doing more and one of those stories comes out of Seattle, Washington.  Listen here to Jeff Guite (pronounced Getty), who is the CEO of American  Patriot-Made Audio talked with Guite about how much he pays his hourly workers, his views about our country and its responsibility in taking care of its most vulnerable citizens, when it comes to preparing for natural and man-made disasters.  Guite explains that he pays his employees $16.50 an hour. Guite  is a disabled American Veteran who employs other veterans to assemble emergency preparedness kits. He further explains to Rita Rich of Patriot-Made Audio how he’s just a  Minnesota farm “boy” trying to make a difference in veterans lives by providing a livable wage. Guite who is almost 70 years old by the way, and is still working hard to make a difference.  His emergency kits range from fanny-paks, to backpacks, and even large shipping containers filled with the best emergency supplies that you can get, most pf which are sourced in the United States.

Since 1981 his company has been recognized for raising awareness, creating jobs, and donating thousands of emergency kits to those most in need, as well as helping individuals, communities, schools and organizations be better prepared for emergencies.

American Preparedness is committed to serving and educating citizens on emergency and disaster preparedness.   Jeff Guite’s business is a service-disabled, veteran owned business and a leading manufacturer and distributor of emergency preparedness kits (Emergency kits are on as well) for government, military, businesses, disaster relief organizations, and individuals and families.

To contact American Preparedness call 888-431-4511 (TOLL FREE) or send American Preparedness an email at:

American Preparedness
17800 Des Moines Memorial Drive, Suite D
Seattle, Washington 98148-1745

Written By: Alice M. Fisher



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