Make Dad a Mantry-Man

one-month-mantry-giftWhat do you usually get your Dad for Father’s Day? Can’t think of anything unique?  Patriot-Made Audio’s feature story is about, for Father’s Day. It’s time to shake up the standard tie and sweater gifting tradition and make a new tradition with Dad. Just know, that this is a Manly Man’s sort of gift, that should not be overlooked. With Father’s Day right around the corner, this is your chance to Embedded image permalinkget your Dad something he will actually like. For Father’s day, Mantry has a Bourbon BBQ themed box, and, that’s something special to make up for all those “memories” you gave him while growing up. The box features anything and everything bourbon and is guaranteed to bump up the taste on his next beef-laden cookout.

So, head on over to The Mantry for something better than another tie for your old man this year.


The Mantry box contents aren’t your every day grocery store food items. What Mantry does is search the entire country for the best food gifts that are sure to be as unique as your good ol’ Dad! Then, they match them up into manly collections and deliver it right to your Dad’s door step. And, these aren’t sampler kits. Each one is a full-sized package worthy of an honest chowing down. This gift box lands on your Dad’s front porch packed in an American-made crate, and also comes with a how-to manual showing your Dad how to best enjoy the goods.The booklets also provide background information about where each item was sourced in America.

You can buy a monthly subscription from Mantry for $75.00 a month.

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