Father’s Day & Summer Memories – Part I

542ee2f3258b510656fdda9a_index_picture29.pngIt’s officially Fathers Day and summer is here. It’s a time when families and friends gather around the bar-b-que, camp and share stories about their favorite memories of Dad, summers past and even stories passed down for generations.  This is a first in a series of summer stories and favorite memories.  For example, Frederick, MD author David Quinn’s writes intriguing stories about his great-great-uncles’s frontier life, and how as a boy, he left Ireland for England to escape starvation. Many Americans have similar stories.   Listen here to how one man’s family lore became a cottage industry that you can read more about at davidquinnbooks.com.

We at Patriot Made Audio want to help you bring your favorite stories to life, and we’re interested in hearing the stories you’re passing down to your kids and friends. Record short versions of them on your smart phone or tablet, and please email them to us at patmadeaudio@gmail.com.  We may just create a podcast using some of the stories and we’ll share it with our @PatriotMade,  #MadeintheUSA listeners!


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