Nurses Tell Tales [Summer Memories #4]

Summer Girls HuggingPatriot Made Audio is publishing your recorded summer memories to our readers and listeners. Do tell us your favorite summer tale. Do you remember running around the yard catching fire flies, soccer camp, fishing expeditions, s’mores, hiking, camping, making a lemonade stand with your best friend, going off to camp for the first time, fireworks or endless games of Whiffle ball?  Here’s a sample sent to us from Nurse Talk Radio who shared their favorite summer memories. So don’t be shy, record and share your best summer memory with us, see our great tips below.


1) Tell A Story From This Summer. You may have just had the most awesome 4th of July this past weekend, or watched the Women’s National Soccer Championship, camped or went to the beach. Tell us!

2) Create A Summer Story From the Past. You can record a summer story about memories from your childhood or a story that was shared with you from their childhood. Share the best time you had as a kid.

3) Make a Summer Audio Journal. Have your or your children ever been asked at the beginning of the school year to write about their summer and they come to you and ask, “What did I do this summer?” While your kids are in the midst of their experiences, they don’t think they will ever forget but give them a few months, and they may not remember all the fun things they did during their time off.  Record a summer memories audio journal with your kids voices. Start at the beginning of summer and record dates of special outings, favorite activities, foods, unusual events, sleep overs, etc. Send it to us before school starts and we can post it up for your child to share at school. Record your best family memories with your kids.


You have two ways you can send your summer stories to us:
1) via email at, or…
2) text it to us from your cell phone at (202) 594-6138.

1) If you have a cell phone, record your voice, or your kids voices.
2) Just use the voice memo or download a voice recorder app
3) Once you have recorded a story, save it with your name
4) Oregon SummerThen share it with us by just typing in our cell phone number (202) 594-6138 or email.

Summer is always a special time in America. It’s  a time when families take vacations, run marathons, take time to ha1st Summer Marathonngout at the beach, or take a road trip to visit relatives, go to a bar-b-q or have a picnic. When taking time off creating summer memories at family gatherings you might just hear a bit of family fable; war stories, stories of riding that fabulous ocean wave; body surfing off of Montauk Point or a summer camp crush.  Don’t be shy. You name it and send to us and we’ll put it together in a Patriot-Made Audiocast.


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