A NYC & West Coast Summer (Tara Devlin & Elisse Western)

This is part 5 of Patriot-Made Audio’s ongoing summer memories series. Two women share their New York City and West Coast summer memories with you. We bring you comedian and activist Tara Devlin of the Progressive Voices Channel and Elisse Western. Listen to our current guests recorded stories right here!

What’s more American than summer bar-b-ques and the smell of suntan lotion?  Not every family pitches a tent or gets their kids out of the city a summer vacation. Sometimes families are simply stuck in the city, all summer long. Take a listen to Progressive Voices Channel host Tara Devlin‘s memories. She burst our summer fantasy bubble and we’re delighted that she did.  You can follow the Twitter page of Comedian/Activist Tara (dacktyl) Devlin and listen to her 2-minute tirades via the Progressive Voices Channel or via Soundcloud. She tweets from Twitter @RepubDirtyTrick.

Conversely, we also bring you Elisse Western, a proud employee of the Olive Garden Restaurant in Frederick, Learn more about the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant nearest you!Maryland. Elisse is a fresh-faced, 21-year-old who has a great summer memory with her dad. 

Listen to our current guests recorded stories right here!

We thank you for listening to this Patriot-Made Audio  Got a summer memory? Share it with us by sending your voice recording to patmadeaduio@gmail.com or text your audio memo to us at (202) 594-6138.


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