Leslie Marshall & 5 Yr. Old Alex

Progressive Voices host Leslie Marshall shares one of her best childhood summer memories that involves pennies, chocolate and her six year old memories about taking a road trip out of Massachusetts [to find out more about Leslie Marshall please visit her websiteHear The Patriot-Made Audiocast Here20150630_113838-1_resized_1

We also provide some cute contrast with five-year old Alex and his debut podcast story from Germantown Maryland. He very excitedly tells our field producer about his favorite summer memory, thus far. Of course, it involves sand, which is important to five-year old boys! Congrats Alex! And, everyone listening he starts kindergarten in the fall!  He just might be the youngest person on a podcast show or to do a podcast story?

Record your child’s favorite summer memory and send it to us.

Please call your local talk station and request that they carry our podcast show! You can support the show by becoming a podcast subscriber and get a commercial free podcasts of Patriot-Made Audio. We are also available on iTunes.

Got a summer memory? Tell us all about it and share it with us by sending your voice recording to patmadeaudio@gmail.com or text your audio memo to us at (202) 594.6138. Learn more about us and our production team at patriotmadeaudio.com

Thanks for listening to Patriot-Made Audio!


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