Plan For Holiday Ads Now!

imgresWith school starting up again soon, we are working hard on a school shopping feature, so stay tuned we will have that out very soon.  We’ve been pretty busy finding and producing some great content and audio stories this year.  And, we simply love all our new listeners, followers and subscribers!  Thank you. We live to find and tell great stories about people making it happen.

As we grow, things are getting busier everyday for us.  We imagine you’re busy as well, and just imagine the holidays have not even started yet!  But, you all have some great lead time!  So, with that said, we are trying to get ahead of the power curve for our fall and winter stories. 

Your producer Rita Rich is reserving interview spots for our fall, winter, and holiday shopping stories now, as well as taking reservations for mini ad placements within our podcasts.

Interested? Reserve a spot on one of our podcast shows by texting  Rita Rich @ 202-594-6138 to reserve your Holiday interview and Holiday Jingle or Holiday Ad space. Or, call Debra Grobman @ 323-939-8253 or

Your Customers Will Want To Share Your Podcast Story Because… 
  1. Nearly, everyone uses mobile devices these days, namely their cell phones.
  2. It’s engaging and more informational and entertaining than print media
  3. Our turn around is quicker than the big ad agencies
  4. Readers and listeners will want to consume the much sought after latest shopping and holiday information
  5. An added bonus is that we have staff on the East Coast, West Coast and in Michigan!                                                                                    
    Organizations Work With Flatlands Because…
  1. We are inexpensive, but very good at what we do.
  2. Our staff has extensive broadcast, media, public relations and technology experience.
  3. We work directly with our clients to help produce, interview and write the most impactful story for you
  4. We publish audio and media content in strategic and orchestrated manor across a plethora of social media platforms, RSS feeds and podcast platforms with a large connected listening audience.
  5. The depth of our reach expands beyond traditional print  and radio media, with a synchronized effort to help you cost effectively expand the outreach you need with a socially enabled campaign.
  6. We are up close and personal, and that means a lot to our listeners. 

Interested? Reserve a spot on our podcast shows by texting Rita Rich @ 202-594-6138 to reserve your Holiday Interview and Holiday Jingle or Holiday Ad space. Or, email her at  Or, call Debra Grobman @ 323-939-8253 or

Ask for our rate card to put your product, business or organization in front of thousands of active listeners.

We are heard on Air Canada, iTunes, Libsyn, WordPress, RSS Feeds, Podcast Directories, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and The Progressive Voices Channel (where the audience is young, hip and diverse with an estimated 39,200 followers and more than 500,000 listeners).

Let us help give voice to your great story, and share it with our active listners.


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