Manscaping With Classic Shaving


Let’s face it. When tasked with trying to write this blog, we hadn’t a clue what we were going to find during our research. Sure, it’s pleasant to look at beautiful photos of the history of shaving and all the heirloom shaving products available.  But during our research, we came across a stylish men’s retro shaving company that explains why wet saving is seeing a resurgence. Our many thanks to second generation ClassicShaving owner Danielle Dupont, for her time via our Skype interview. Classic Shaving offers Razors, Brushes, Mugs, Toiletries and many other men’s grooming accessories.  [And, a personal thanks from Rita- for laughing with me, and (not at me) when asked to record, “the sound the leather strap makes when you scrape a straight edge razor against it.”]

Listen to the podcast here and you’ll quickly figure out what that leather thing is called.

Then we did what everyone does these days about new ideas or terms.  We researched the word “manscaping” on the web. And, you’ll thank us later,  for not sharing some of the hairiest images we found. (Not to mention the body parts) It’s just too gruesome. There are some ugly hairy body parts out there.  Fortunately, there are some handsome products and shaving tools out there for all types of grooming and shaving needs. With much pride, they’re  Made In America and you can browse through the pictures, while listening to our report.  pretty

Just look at how classy the shaving bowl and brush set is to the left. There are so many lovely gifts; like distinctive beard soaps. Classic Shaving makes these aromatic bars in the back of their Palm Springs, California warehouse. CS-SS-3

You’d think that these items would be popular among men of a “certain” generation. Surprisingly, that certain generation are the Millennials, and the generation that comes after the Millennials, Generation Z . There’s something about taking time to make one presentable by using tools that will last a lifetime,stead of disposable that are just tossed out with the trash. History has proven that once you lather up, you wont go back to a plastic razor and it’s a class act step forward. Here are some how to videos developed by Classic Shaving.

engraveable military brush
engravable military brush

Danielle says that she gets lots of correspondence from military men. Listen to our audio and you’ll learn about changes in the shaving habits of American men from one theater of war to the next.

A Strop–AKA-That Leather Thingy

For those who are inspired to try a more classical way of grooming, we implore you to save some time. Don’t search the Internet, because you will come across some images that may be shocking, and not suitable for young eyes.  Go here to the Classic Shaving How to Page. That way you can research some of the more technical aspects of wet shaving and then scope out some great looking tools and maybe even buy some gifts for someone special who may be heading to campus, this fall.  Or, maybe a gift for that special someone you want to inspire, in building a class act using.

You’ll also be able to say that you bought your manscaping tools from a company that prides itself in US Made products. Plus, you’ll enjoy manscaping, the Patriot-Made-Way by owning artisan made razors and blades, and that “leather thingy.”

Rita Rich


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