Everybody’s Gotta Eat

bc_1Images from BOS Cooks a cookbook published by Baltimore Outreach Services Culinary Arts, and reknown chef, Connie Crabtree-Burritt


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Thanksgiving has come and gone and you may have decided to go to your favorite shopping mall to get those Black Friday deals. Or, you went online and set up some orders to be shipped to your loved one.

Now it’s time to get a little something for yourself.

You love to eat. And, when you have time, you love to set up beautiful dishes when you invite the gang over to watch a movie, the big game, or just to shoot the pope with a bottle of wine, or your favorite variety of coffee.

So, what are you going to do with that leftover holiday food?

Well, you consult with your handy-dandy copy of what is sure to become your favorite cook book. Bos-Cooks. What?  You ask. What is Bos Cooks? It’s a great hardcover cookbook that is published by Baltimore Outreach Services Culinary Arts program, and it’s Chef, long time Baltimore caterer, Connie Crabtree-Burritt.

There’s a Culinary Arts Program in Baltimore, Maryland? Yes. And, it’s a very special one. It’s part of BOS’s services for homeless women and children.  Baltimore Outreach Services is one of only four homeless shelters for women in that city.   It’s located in historic Federal Hill, in the Christ Lutheran Church. It’s a 501c3 non-profit organization and it has got a great record of success in teaching life skills, placing women in independent housing and changing women’s lives.

You see, sometimes even the most talented women, sometimes fall into hard times. Sometimes they need the help of the collective part of the community.  That help starts with a donation. www.baltimoreoutreach.org.

We encourage you to buy the BOS Cooks cookbook for just $24.95. You will know where your donor dollar is going. You’ll salute the authors of, participants in, and graduates of the BOS Cooks Culinary Arts and Food Safety Program.

Please listen to the stories of the BOS Cooks Podcast.  The beauty of the podcast is that you can take it with you on your mobile device, and listen while you wait for the bus, commute on the train or drive to work. You’ll get just a small taste (Yes, I actually used the word taste) of what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen and in the shelter.

Everybody’s got to eat! Let Baltimore Outreach Services BOS Cooks cookbook show you how it’s done. Help BOS help others in Baltimore.






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