Media Contacts & Co-producers, Rita Rich & Deb Grobman
(301) 404-9609 / (323) 939-08254,

7/31/2015 – Patriot-Made’s Three Part Series with Progressive Voices Founder Jon SintonOur 3 part audio report on Sinton’s take-aways from Netroots Nation 2015.

12/04/2014 – Patriot-Made Encourages Shoppers to Spend $114 in 2014 on US MADE Gifts.
10/05/2014 – Patriot-Made Tackles Cancer Awareness with Humor, featuring an interview wi9/29/201 – Patriot-Made Asks,”Can We Live for 30 Days on Only Made in USA?” Interview with filmmaker Josh Miller, co-producer of Made in USA: The 30 Day Minneapolis/St. Paul entrepreneur Kathy Honey-Murphy.

 8/28/2014 – Patriot-Made Audiocast Offers Three Labor Day Stories  Featured are union advocate and actor, John Connolly, and the President of the AFL-CIO’s Department of Professional Employees, Paul Almeida (Al-MEE-dah).

7/29/2014 – Patriot-Made Enters 3rd Year, Talking about US Products



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