Everybody’s Gotta Eat

bc_1Images from BOS Cooks a cookbook published by Baltimore Outreach Services Culinary Arts, and reknown chef, Connie Crabtree-Burritt


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Thanksgiving has come and gone and you may have decided to go to your favorite shopping mall to get those Black Friday deals. Or, you went online and set up some orders to be shipped to your loved one.

Now it’s time to get a little something for yourself.

You love to eat. And, when you have time, you love to set up beautiful dishes when you invite the gang over to watch a movie, the big game, or just to shoot the pope with a bottle of wine, or your favorite variety of coffee.

So, what are you going to do with that leftover holiday food?

Well, you consult with your handy-dandy copy of what is sure to become your favorite cook book. Bos-Cooks. What?  You ask. What is Bos Cooks? It’s a great hardcover cookbook that is published by Baltimore Outreach Services Culinary Arts program, and it’s Chef, long time Baltimore caterer, Connie Crabtree-Burritt.

There’s a Culinary Arts Program in Baltimore, Maryland? Yes. And, it’s a very special one. It’s part of BOS’s services for homeless women and children.  Baltimore Outreach Services is one of only four homeless shelters for women in that city.   It’s located in historic Federal Hill, in the Christ Lutheran Church. It’s a 501c3 non-profit organization and it has got a great record of success in teaching life skills, placing women in independent housing and changing women’s lives.

You see, sometimes even the most talented women, sometimes fall into hard times. Sometimes they need the help of the collective part of the community.  That help starts with a donation. www.baltimoreoutreach.org.

We encourage you to buy the BOS Cooks cookbook for just $24.95. You will know where your donor dollar is going. You’ll salute the authors of, participants in, and graduates of the BOS Cooks Culinary Arts and Food Safety Program.

Please listen to the stories of the BOS Cooks Podcast.  The beauty of the podcast is that you can take it with you on your mobile device, and listen while you wait for the bus, commute on the train or drive to work. You’ll get just a small taste (Yes, I actually used the word taste) of what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen and in the shelter.

Everybody’s got to eat! Let Baltimore Outreach Services BOS Cooks cookbook show you how it’s done. Help BOS help others in Baltimore.






Baltimore Culinary Program Shines

imageIt seems every morning television and news show are producing culinary segments, to teach people to cook, and showcase recipes. But, as the holidays approach, we will be sharing with our followers and listeners food ideas with a purpose.

We approached Baltimore Outreach Services with the idea to create a mini-series of podcasts and blog posts toimage help them raise awareness of their life-changing culinary, social and housing programs. We also wish to inspire our audiences to chip in and buy this beautiful book, as it helps raise money for this nonprofit. It was born when a bunch of women at a church felt compelled to do something about the homeless women and children they encountered every day in Baltimore. It is our hope you will embrace these American made cooking stories with similar passion and support during this culinary journey with Baltimore Outreach Services (BOS).

Please click here to hear our first BOS Cooks Podcast.

Food has always gathered families together. Now, communities are coming together proactively, in Baltimore and doing more.


Some Background: In 1999, Baltimore’s city government became alarmed at the number of women and children who were homeless. City representatives met with the churches and community leaders to assess how to address the needs of this vulnerable and growing population. At that time, Christ Lutheran Church was already providing emergency shelter in its basement, providing daily meals and school help for kids and their moms.

In 2002, Baltimore Outreach Services obtained in tax and lawful status as a non-profit. It became the fourth, of what was previously only three homeless shelters, available in Charm City for women and children. That’s how great the need is.

From the beginning, BOS has been committed to the core principle that to move from homelessness, residents needed more than just emergency shelter.

The BOS cookbook is for sale, and it is a celebration and culmination of providing ten years of services to homeless women and children of Baltimore’s inner city.

Chef Connie Crabtree-Burritt, a long-time Federal Hill resident, has more than 30 years of professional culinary experience as a prep chef (including feeding hordes of workers and volunteers during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics) restauranteur and caterer.

BOS Executive Director Karen Adkins joins Chef Connie, and Deputy Director of Bos, Donna Rich, in the podcasts. They explain why culinary arts and food safety provide good jobs, with benefits to their clients. They also talk about the life-skills training BOS programs provide to help women and children make it in society and workplaces.

The recipes, tips, stories and art in the Boss cookbook is the organization’s way of sharing the women’s culinary journey with the broader community, and hopefully the world.

BOS Cooks is broken down into a compilation of progressive dining recipes, as a sort of a smorgasbord of vignettes which blends art, story and food in each chapter of the cookbook.

Please return for our next post with more details about BOS COOKs.

We leave you with this quote from The Chef ~ “You only get one chance to make a good impression. First impressions with food are also important. Appetizers and hors d’oeuvres set the tone for the rest of the meal. In class, we talk about the impression we make when we meet someone, and how important it is to be consistent and reliable. The same is true when working with food. I like relating a lesson to a life lesson. After all, they both go a long way to sustain us.”

Buy a cookbook for the holidays! It supports homeless women & children’s many needs.

2015 Labor Day Commentary

If You’re Reading This Today-Caught You!

Why are we writing this? Well, click here and you can hear our commentary.
It’s Labor Day weekend! What are you doing right now? Are you listening to the sounds of children playing? How about something grilling on the bar-b-que or Hibachi? Are you at a beach or driving in your car? Thanks for downloading our podcast and listening to the commentary of Patriot-Made Audiocast’s Rita Rich.

It’s not that Rita’s anti-social. She’s just like 26-million Americans who run a micro-business. That’s a business defined as having one to five employees. So, when she used to hear former employers joking around, “It’s tough being a boss,” she’s got a better understanding of what they meant. Or, does she? Is being the boss all that different now, then it was, say 50 years ago? Can bosses disconnect from those with whom they work? If not, why not? And, why not on this holiday weekend that is supposed to promote and celebrate advances of the U.S. workforce?

Thanks for listening.

US Made School Supplies

The National Retail Federation’s annual survey estimates that the average family with students in kindergarten through to 12th grade will spend about $630.00 on school supplies, electronics and clothes for back to school.  Of that figure, families will spend an average of $97.74 on school supplies such as notebooks, folders, pencils, backpacks and lunch boxes.

School Pencils-carbon-crusader - CopyCustom Pencils by Carbon Crusader. The majority of custom engraved pencils are made in China. And, they are processed by companies that do not allow free speech. Yvy wanted her customers to create humorous products, and to say what the wanted on quality U.S. made goods available in a variety of colors. And, a place where left-handed people could get pencils engraved that they could read, too (she’s a lefty, BTW).

general pencils - CopyColored pencils made by General Pencil Company dates back to 1889, and the family owned business still produces its art materials in New Jersey using cedar wood from California. Made in the USA ($11.59 for 12; amazon.com

crayon-rocks - Copy

Crayon Rocks. Thanks to a unique pebble shape made especially for small hands, Crayon Rocks help develop kids’ fine-motor skills ($8.50 for 16; via amazon.com). Crayon Rocks invented by Barbara Lee, a special needs teacher who worked with elementary aged children for 23 years. She invented Crayon Rocks after being inspired by occupational therapist Jan Olsen and her Handwriting Without Tears program. She learned from Mrs. Olsen how important it was for children to develop a strong tripod grip early in their education process; handwriting skills depend upon this. Seeing that a simple tool to develop these skills in young children wasn’t readily available, Ms. Lee set out to develop one. They first made Crayon Rocks in a garage in La Crescenta, California, mixing the colors in small batches and forming them in hand-made molds. Since then they’ve upgraded their digs a bit…to a barn, that was hand-built by their Amish neighbors, on a hilltop in Hestand, Kentucky.

Outback Decomp BookOutback | Decomposition NoteBooks | Lined Pages | Part Number 44183. DESCRIPTION: This line of school notebooks feature intriguing cover designs and some eco-friendly attributes, such as 100% post-consumer-waste recycled pages, and soy ink printing, which has fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than regular, petroleum-based ink. It’s also easier to recycle.  80 Sheets (160 Pages) College-Ruled, 100% Post-Consumer Waste Paper. Product dimensions: 7.5″ x 9.75″

Decomp BookKittens in Space | Coilbound Decomposition NoteBook | Ruled Pages. Part Number 16280. DESCRIPTION: Coil bound Decomposition Books that use a wire binding instead of the sewn binding of the traditional Decomposition Books.  They feature the same 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper inside and the same soy ink printing on the cover.  The pages (80 sheets) are micro-perforated and removable. Books are 7.5″ wide by 9.75″ high. Easily fits in the Decomp spinner.

Bicycle Paper Clips. Set of 4, SKU#  446626. Mark your spot or organize a stack of papers with these bright World Market bicycle clips.  ( 4 @ $5.99 ; worldmarket.com).

duluth-pac - CopyBackpack. Duluth Pack’s classic bookbag—available in 15 colors, from tangerine to navy blue—comes with a built-in laptop sleeve ($140; amazon.com)

Manscaping With Classic Shaving


Let’s face it. When tasked with trying to write this blog, we hadn’t a clue what we were going to find during our research. Sure, it’s pleasant to look at beautiful photos of the history of shaving and all the heirloom shaving products available.  But during our research, we came across a stylish men’s retro shaving company that explains why wet saving is seeing a resurgence. Our many thanks to second generation ClassicShaving owner Danielle Dupont, for her time via our Skype interview. Classic Shaving offers Razors, Brushes, Mugs, Toiletries and many other men’s grooming accessories.  [And, a personal thanks from Rita- for laughing with me, and (not at me) when asked to record, “the sound the leather strap makes when you scrape a straight edge razor against it.”]

Listen to the podcast here and you’ll quickly figure out what that leather thing is called.

Then we did what everyone does these days about new ideas or terms.  We researched the word “manscaping” on the web. And, you’ll thank us later,  for not sharing some of the hairiest images we found. (Not to mention the body parts) It’s just too gruesome. There are some ugly hairy body parts out there.  Fortunately, there are some handsome products and shaving tools out there for all types of grooming and shaving needs. With much pride, they’re  Made In America and you can browse through the pictures, while listening to our report.  pretty

Just look at how classy the shaving bowl and brush set is to the left. There are so many lovely gifts; like distinctive beard soaps. Classic Shaving makes these aromatic bars in the back of their Palm Springs, California warehouse. CS-SS-3

You’d think that these items would be popular among men of a “certain” generation. Surprisingly, that certain generation are the Millennials, and the generation that comes after the Millennials, Generation Z . There’s something about taking time to make one presentable by using tools that will last a lifetime,stead of disposable that are just tossed out with the trash. History has proven that once you lather up, you wont go back to a plastic razor and it’s a class act step forward. Here are some how to videos developed by Classic Shaving.

engraveable military brush
engravable military brush

Danielle says that she gets lots of correspondence from military men. Listen to our audio and you’ll learn about changes in the shaving habits of American men from one theater of war to the next.

A Strop–AKA-That Leather Thingy

For those who are inspired to try a more classical way of grooming, we implore you to save some time. Don’t search the Internet, because you will come across some images that may be shocking, and not suitable for young eyes.  Go here to the Classic Shaving How to Page. That way you can research some of the more technical aspects of wet shaving and then scope out some great looking tools and maybe even buy some gifts for someone special who may be heading to campus, this fall.  Or, maybe a gift for that special someone you want to inspire, in building a class act using.

You’ll also be able to say that you bought your manscaping tools from a company that prides itself in US Made products. Plus, you’ll enjoy manscaping, the Patriot-Made-Way by owning artisan made razors and blades, and that “leather thingy.”

Rita Rich

Urban Ashes – Reclaiming Wood & Lives

8bsR5DxnPatriot-Made Audio’s current podcast feature (one of  two) is about Urban Ashes, which is an Ann Arbor, Michigan company who takes diseased or damaged wood from from urban area trees andReclaimFrame2 mills to make beautiful hand-made goods including ready-made photo frames, custom frame moldings, home goods, custom-made furniture, and custom-designed products.
As you’ll learn from our two podcasts in this series about Paul Hickman (click here), the President and founder of Urban Ashes, the company is proud to recycle lives as well.

Urban Ashes is built upon the belief that too many of our natural resources and human lives are wasted.  Their commitment to reclaiming these lost resources and lives enables us to create a collection of hand-made goods that tell a uniquely human story to pass down generations.

Reclaiming Natural Resources

Since 2002, the Emerald Ash Borer beetle has destroyed between 50 and 100 million Ash trees in at least 15 states and two Canadian provinces.  The blight threatens to destroy most of the approximate seven billion Ash trees growing throughout North America.  While the Ash tree is the impetus behind the Urban Ashes name, their frames are not limited to Ash wood alone.  Urban Ashes uses a wide variety of domestic urban wood species that are often discarded as waste wood.

And, such waste wood is all to often left for public works departments to simply dump and or burn the lumber. Most lumber mills won’t work with wood from trees from your backyard, or that have been cut down from the “county strip” in front of a suburban home. That’s because the wood grows at odd angles and twists and turns. It’s not so easy to work with. But, Urban Ashes does work with that wood.


In 2008, Furniture Designer Paul M. Hickman set out to design a product that would increase the utilization of urban salvaged wood. 2detoitdenailedbldgsHickman says that de-nailed wood from blighted and abandoned homes in Detroit is also reclaimed and reused.  To support their efforts and to find a store location that sells reclaimed wood from Urban Ashes click here.

Reclaiming Human Lives

Urban Ashes draws their employee base from Michigan’s transitional or disabled workforce. Hickman says that they employ former prisoners who are returning to society after spending years “on the shelf,” or locked up. While they’re at Urban Ashes they learn a lot about what it takes to re-enter society including; getting to the job, maintaining a job; getting the skill sets they need to do a job and rebuilding credit and other forms of a reputation.  Now it is also producing home goods and furnishings for businesses, such as tabletops made from reclaimed wood for restaurants.

Urban Ashes Latest News

Urban Ashes has hired five people over the last year to keep up with its production, including four ex-felons. It is also looking to hire two people to add to its staff of seven employees.  They are all striving to keep product in the company’s  225 retail locations across North America. The 6-year-old business consolidated its operations into one building adjacent to the home of Leon Speakers on Ann Arbor’s south side. It now has 3,000 square feet of work space and a symbiotic relationship with Leon Speakers to help it grow its business.  “Now it’s all in-house (manufacturing) and in one location,” says Paul Hickman, founder of Urban Ashes.

Plan For Holiday Ads Now!

imgresWith school starting up again soon, we are working hard on a school shopping feature, so stay tuned we will have that out very soon.  We’ve been pretty busy finding and producing some great content and audio stories this year.  And, we simply love all our new listeners, followers and subscribers!  Thank you. We live to find and tell great stories about people making it happen.

As we grow, things are getting busier everyday for us.  We imagine you’re busy as well, and just imagine the holidays have not even started yet!  But, you all have some great lead time!  So, with that said, we are trying to get ahead of the power curve for our fall and winter stories. 

Your producer Rita Rich is reserving interview spots for our fall, winter, and holiday shopping stories now, as well as taking reservations for mini ad placements within our podcasts.

Interested? Reserve a spot on one of our podcast shows by texting  Rita Rich @ 202-594-6138 to reserve your Holiday interview and Holiday Jingle or Holiday Ad space. Or, call Debra Grobman @ 323-939-8253 or debra@flatlandsavellc.com.

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  5. An added bonus is that we have staff on the East Coast, West Coast and in Michigan!                                                                                    
    Organizations Work With Flatlands Because…
  1. We are inexpensive, but very good at what we do.
  2. Our staff has extensive broadcast, media, public relations and technology experience.
  3. We work directly with our clients to help produce, interview and write the most impactful story for you
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Interested? Reserve a spot on our podcast shows by texting Rita Rich @ 202-594-6138 to reserve your Holiday Interview and Holiday Jingle or Holiday Ad space. Or, email her at rita@flatlandsavellc.com.  Or, call Debra Grobman @ 323-939-8253 or debra@flatlandsavellc.com.

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Camping Memories – NWF’s @Dmizejewsk

This is Patriot-Made Audio’s second in a series of camping podcasts featuring The National Wildlife Federation’s David Mizejewski (@Dmizejewski). David tells us about his own camping and outdoor memories, as a childWe’d love to hear from you while out in the wild; camping, hiking or just simply enjoying the great outdoors!

Text us your camping memories with a video or voice recording to (202) 594-6138 or via email at Patmadeaudio@gmail.com. You can also download our extensive list of                US Made camping gear!

Great Campout Challenge

It’s summertime and this month Patriot-Made Audio is featuring an interview with The National Wildlife Federation’s David Mizejewski (read his bio here). He says you may already have the basics for camping at home and encourages everyone to take the  Great Campout Challenge. Listen to our exclusive interview with David.

Tent camping with your family can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have as a traveler. There’s something about being away from home and then setting up your shelter together as a family or group, organizing your gear, your kitchen, cooking and working together: it’s always fertile ground for creativity, improvisation, comedy, and bonding which will undoubtedly create endearing life long memories.  

For example, I have many memories of hiking and camping with my kids and it used to be my strategy to wear the kids out before they wore me out. So, needless to say we’ve put a lot of miles on our boots, over the years. We’ve camped in California, Utah, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Here is one of my lasting memories, a memorable mid-night moment, when we were camping in the Shenandoah National Park one year.

Chelsie June 21 2014We had all gone to bed and Chelsie Girl our family dog had dug through the bottom of the tent…still attached to her rope. She was barking and barking her head off at 2:30 in the morning. Let me just say, she WOKE UP EVERYONE in the campground. But, this collie/lab/sheltie mix dog was gonna guard the entire camp ground, and that she did.

We armed ourselves with our flashlights and stepped out into the night air. We found Chelsie completely stretched the full length of her rope barking at what seemed like a thousand eyes staring back at us. We then saw that she was barking at a large herd of VERY ferocious deer. Embarrassed, we got her quieted down and back into the tent, as quietly as possible. We were relieved, but she had a much harder time going back to sleep than we did.  Also, I have this wonderful camp box I built with supplies which gets reviewed at the beginning of each summer I love it, and it makes the camping preparations much easier. There is a list duct taped on top of the lid. And, my daughter has built one for her growing family now as well. What’s in your camp box?

Patriot Made Audio researched and compiled the following useful camping resources:

Here are some links to some of the best places to camp in America:

Patriot-Made Audio encourages you to take the challenge and get out there and camp this summer! Camping gets people out of their comfort zones and into places and scenes they wouldn’t have found otherwise. It can be one of the greatest “classrooms” for everyone in your family.

When you’re knee-deep in camping gear, it’s easy to forget some of the most important items like flashlights or band aids of even food items. Before your next trip, create a must-bring bag or box with all 12 of the camping essentials we mentioned, so you’re never be without that one thing you forgot to bring.

Thanks for reading our Patriot-Made Blog and listening to our Podcasts! Please share our great American Made camping resources and APPS with your friends.

 ~ Written By: Alice M. Fisher

Leslie Marshall & 5 Yr. Old Alex

Progressive Voices host Leslie Marshall shares one of her best childhood summer memories that involves pennies, chocolate and her six year old memories about taking a road trip out of Massachusetts [to find out more about Leslie Marshall please visit her websiteHear The Patriot-Made Audiocast Here20150630_113838-1_resized_1

We also provide some cute contrast with five-year old Alex and his debut podcast story from Germantown Maryland. He very excitedly tells our field producer about his favorite summer memory, thus far. Of course, it involves sand, which is important to five-year old boys! Congrats Alex! And, everyone listening he starts kindergarten in the fall!  He just might be the youngest person on a podcast show or to do a podcast story?

Record your child’s favorite summer memory and send it to us.

Please call your local talk station and request that they carry our podcast show! You can support the show by becoming a podcast subscriber and get a commercial free podcasts of Patriot-Made Audio. We are also available on iTunes.

Got a summer memory? Tell us all about it and share it with us by sending your voice recording to patmadeaudio@gmail.com or text your audio memo to us at (202) 594.6138. Learn more about us and our production team at patriotmadeaudio.com

Thanks for listening to Patriot-Made Audio!

A NYC & West Coast Summer (Tara Devlin & Elisse Western)

This is part 5 of Patriot-Made Audio’s ongoing summer memories series. Two women share their New York City and West Coast summer memories with you. We bring you comedian and activist Tara Devlin of the Progressive Voices Channel and Elisse Western. Listen to our current guests recorded stories right here!

What’s more American than summer bar-b-ques and the smell of suntan lotion?  Not every family pitches a tent or gets their kids out of the city a summer vacation. Sometimes families are simply stuck in the city, all summer long. Take a listen to Progressive Voices Channel host Tara Devlin‘s memories. She burst our summer fantasy bubble and we’re delighted that she did.  You can follow the Twitter page of Comedian/Activist Tara (dacktyl) Devlin and listen to her 2-minute tirades via the Progressive Voices Channel or via Soundcloud. She tweets from Twitter @RepubDirtyTrick.

Conversely, we also bring you Elisse Western, a proud employee of the Olive Garden Restaurant in Frederick, Learn more about the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant nearest you!Maryland. Elisse is a fresh-faced, 21-year-old who has a great summer memory with her dad. 

Listen to our current guests recorded stories right here!

We thank you for listening to this Patriot-Made Audio  Got a summer memory? Share it with us by sending your voice recording to patmadeaduio@gmail.com or text your audio memo to us at (202) 594-6138.

Nurses Tell Tales [Summer Memories #4]

Summer Girls HuggingPatriot Made Audio is publishing your recorded summer memories to our readers and listeners. Do tell us your favorite summer tale. Do you remember running around the yard catching fire flies, soccer camp, fishing expeditions, s’mores, hiking, camping, making a lemonade stand with your best friend, going off to camp for the first time, fireworks or endless games of Whiffle ball?  Here’s a sample sent to us from Nurse Talk Radio who shared their favorite summer memories. So don’t be shy, record and share your best summer memory with us, see our great tips below.


1) Tell A Story From This Summer. You may have just had the most awesome 4th of July this past weekend, or watched the Women’s National Soccer Championship, camped or went to the beach. Tell us!

2) Create A Summer Story From the Past. You can record a summer story about memories from your childhood or a story that was shared with you from their childhood. Share the best time you had as a kid.

3) Make a Summer Audio Journal. Have your or your children ever been asked at the beginning of the school year to write about their summer and they come to you and ask, “What did I do this summer?” While your kids are in the midst of their experiences, they don’t think they will ever forget but give them a few months, and they may not remember all the fun things they did during their time off.  Record a summer memories audio journal with your kids voices. Start at the beginning of summer and record dates of special outings, favorite activities, foods, unusual events, sleep overs, etc. Send it to us before school starts and we can post it up for your child to share at school. Record your best family memories with your kids.


You have two ways you can send your summer stories to us:
1) via email at patmadeaudio.com, or…
2) text it to us from your cell phone at (202) 594-6138.

1) If you have a cell phone, record your voice, or your kids voices.
2) Just use the voice memo or download a voice recorder app
3) Once you have recorded a story, save it with your name
4) Oregon SummerThen share it with us by just typing in our cell phone number (202) 594-6138 or email.

Summer is always a special time in America. It’s  a time when families take vacations, run marathons, take time to ha1st Summer Marathonngout at the beach, or take a road trip to visit relatives, go to a bar-b-q or have a picnic. When taking time off creating summer memories at family gatherings you might just hear a bit of family fable; war stories, stories of riding that fabulous ocean wave; body surfing off of Montauk Point or a summer camp crush.  Don’t be shy. You name it and send to us and we’ll put it together in a Patriot-Made Audiocast.

Summer Memories Part 3

Take a listen to our 3rd in a series of best summer memories. Whether we’ve interviewed you via SKYPE, on the street, over the phone, or simply just met you on Facebook or Twitter, thanks for recording short stories about your best summer memories! Please tell your friends to send us their favorite summer memories via text to 2025946138@vtext.com, or via email to patmadeaudio@gmail.com and enter in the subject line My Summer Memories.

Part II – Your Summer Stories


Here’s our latest Patriot-Made Audiocast. It’s part two of our appeal for your best summer memories! Take a listen to two of the stories from our friends, one from a relatively new American and one from a Maryland native. Have a favorite beach memory, or a bar-b-que that beats all bar-b-que? We want to hear them. It’s easy to share.  We’re interested in hearing the stories you’re passing down to your kids and friends.

Record short versions of your best summer memories on your cell phone or tablet, and then text your recording to 202-594-6138, we may just create a podcast using your story.  And we’ll share it with our Patriot-Made and Made in the USA listeners! You may also email stories to us at patmadeaudio@gmail.com

SCOTUS From Sea 2 Shining Sea = Marriage 4 All

Thscotusgayviareutersis is a commentary from Patriot-Made Audio Producer Rita Rich, about SCOTUS. June 26, 2015 will go down in history as the date, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) caught up with Canada with regards to civil rights, but more specifically gay rights. SCOTUS proclaimed that gay marriages shall be recognized in every of our Union. And, not just the handful that previously performed them.

This commentary contains the thoughts of Rita Rich, and how she personally relates to the story. We welcome your views on our Facebook page.

We are not a breaking news service at Patriot-Made Audio, so we ask that you to please visit other sources for the latest news about this story, such as the Washington Post, or the Associated Press (AP) Twitter Feed.


She’s very grateful that her rights in partnership with her husband, Chuck will now be extend to her Gay, Lesbian and Transgender friends. She knows within in her own marriage that Chuck has legal rights to be her advocate in financial, medical and other legal matters.  It’s comforting for her to know that those rights now extend to the life-partners of her friends, as we all experience the same challenges of growing older in America. The U.S. has now caught up with Canada in this regard.

Now, let’s get on with employing thousands of more citizens to help rebuild our cities, the roads, bridges and rails that connect us, and the tunnels that take us places.