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US Made School Supplies

The National Retail Federation’s annual survey estimates that the average family with students in kindergarten through to 12th grade will spend about $630.00 on school supplies, electronics and clothes for back to school.  Of that figure, families will spend an average of $97.74 on school supplies such as notebooks, folders, pencils, backpacks and lunch boxes.

School Pencils-carbon-crusader - CopyCustom Pencils by Carbon Crusader. The majority of custom engraved pencils are made in China. And, they are processed by companies that do not allow free speech. Yvy wanted her customers to create humorous products, and to say what the wanted on quality U.S. made goods available in a variety of colors. And, a place where left-handed people could get pencils engraved that they could read, too (she’s a lefty, BTW).

general pencils - CopyColored pencils made by General Pencil Company dates back to 1889, and the family owned business still produces its art materials in New Jersey using cedar wood from California. Made in the USA ($11.59 for 12; amazon.com

crayon-rocks - Copy

Crayon Rocks. Thanks to a unique pebble shape made especially for small hands, Crayon Rocks help develop kids’ fine-motor skills ($8.50 for 16; via amazon.com). Crayon Rocks invented by Barbara Lee, a special needs teacher who worked with elementary aged children for 23 years. She invented Crayon Rocks after being inspired by occupational therapist Jan Olsen and her Handwriting Without Tears program. She learned from Mrs. Olsen how important it was for children to develop a strong tripod grip early in their education process; handwriting skills depend upon this. Seeing that a simple tool to develop these skills in young children wasn’t readily available, Ms. Lee set out to develop one. They first made Crayon Rocks in a garage in La Crescenta, California, mixing the colors in small batches and forming them in hand-made molds. Since then they’ve upgraded their digs a bit…to a barn, that was hand-built by their Amish neighbors, on a hilltop in Hestand, Kentucky.

Outback Decomp BookOutback | Decomposition NoteBooks | Lined Pages | Part Number 44183. DESCRIPTION: This line of school notebooks feature intriguing cover designs and some eco-friendly attributes, such as 100% post-consumer-waste recycled pages, and soy ink printing, which has fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than regular, petroleum-based ink. It’s also easier to recycle.  80 Sheets (160 Pages) College-Ruled, 100% Post-Consumer Waste Paper. Product dimensions: 7.5″ x 9.75″

Decomp BookKittens in Space | Coilbound Decomposition NoteBook | Ruled Pages. Part Number 16280. DESCRIPTION: Coil bound Decomposition Books that use a wire binding instead of the sewn binding of the traditional Decomposition Books.  They feature the same 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper inside and the same soy ink printing on the cover.  The pages (80 sheets) are micro-perforated and removable. Books are 7.5″ wide by 9.75″ high. Easily fits in the Decomp spinner.

Bicycle Paper Clips. Set of 4, SKU#  446626. Mark your spot or organize a stack of papers with these bright World Market bicycle clips.  ( 4 @ $5.99 ; worldmarket.com).

duluth-pac - CopyBackpack. Duluth Pack’s classic bookbag—available in 15 colors, from tangerine to navy blue—comes with a built-in laptop sleeve ($140; amazon.com)


Camping Memories – NWF’s @Dmizejewsk

This is Patriot-Made Audio’s second in a series of camping podcasts featuring The National Wildlife Federation’s David Mizejewski (@Dmizejewski). David tells us about his own camping and outdoor memories, as a childWe’d love to hear from you while out in the wild; camping, hiking or just simply enjoying the great outdoors!

Text us your camping memories with a video or voice recording to (202) 594-6138 or via email at Patmadeaudio@gmail.com. You can also download our extensive list of                US Made camping gear!

Labor 411 Offers Consumer Product Directory

Here is our 2nd in series of stories about how Labor411 and labor411.org can help you spend your money on American made products and Union Made products. It’s part of our campaign to help you spend just $114 in 2014 on Made in USA goods. Labor 411 Publisher Cherri Senders says that spending just 10% of your budget on Made in USA products cand create thousands of jobs here at home.

Plus, Chris Garlock, of DC’s Union City, a publication of DC’s Labor Council,says that just as important as knowing what you consume and wear is also knowing who is providing you the safety, food and entertainment services that you use. He says labor411.org is building a directory of consumer products that itemizes products by category and they also feature products seasonally.

Labor411 connects and distributes to more than 17,000 union officers and staff, union-friendly vendors and powerful friends of organized labor, Labor 411’s directory of union services reaches a committed and influential audience. By purchasing union-made goods and services made by companies that provide fair wages, safe working conditions and access to health care, you are helping protect and grow America’s middle class. You also have the security of knowing that your money is buying quality goods made in ethical shops. Don’t forget to listen to the interview here!

411’s Topical Product Categories

AlcoholautobeerBeveragescandyapparelelectronicsfoodgamesgrocery storesappliancesinfants and toddlersinternet servicesmusical instrumentsoffice suppliespersonalpetsRxshippingshippingsports sportstelcom servicetobaccotoolscars


7773505Patriot-Made Audiocast talks with President Bonnie Swayze of Allliance Rubber. If you need a rubber product, be it a rubber band, promotional wrist band or exercise band, Alliance is the place to get it.  And, it’s US Made!

Listen to our latest audio story about Alliance Rubber by clicking here

Some of Alliance’s Consumer Products Include:

Visit some of their websites at alliance-rubber.com, adband.com and rubberband.com for Alliance’s exciting product catalogs.

We’re Growing Up!

It’s just one of those things that businesses find themselves doing. We need to make changes and improvements to how we communicate with our story tellers, listeners and those who have yet to find us. We’re growing up and now we have our own SoundCloud account to help you find our stories easier. Search for us as Patriot-Made-Audiocasts on SoundCloud.(NOTE: We’re using hyphens.) We’ve re-posted stories that were previously uploaded to narrator Rita Rich’s SoundCloud tracks page.

Of course, there’s also Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/patriotmadeaudio

If e-mail is still your thing, there’s patmadeaudio@gmail.com

If you’d like to sponsor a story, or a post, please use this address to contact Debra Grobman: dgcreative(at)mindspring.com
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Now that we’re solidly in 2014 we hope you are finding the year has started out strong for you and all of your employees, employers, and business associates.

Our Visit to Atlanta

Patriot-Made Audiocast, aka, Patriot-Made Audio attended a portion of the America’s Mart for the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market. We were on the prowl for stories and found a few businesses willing to talk to us about whatever they were peddling.

We found out that the manufacturers of goods for home, office, bars, restaurants, event planners, kitchens, and gift stores were very open about how they try to do business-when we were not recording our audio.  What was said off microphone was, for the most part, very positive.  But, that’s not what’s going to keep you reading and scratching your heads in thought. Here’s what will:

A) The best members of the American workforce are new immigrants.

B) White and black men are virtually unemployable in the manufacturing sectors.

C) American labor increases the price tag on products, sometimes, by 100%.

D) Customized items have to be made in America for the short turn-around-time customers demand.

E) Choosing to make stuff in the USA is an ethical and moral decision that will not make you a millionaire, at least, not instantly.

F) The ability to safely eat, use with food, feed to children and pets is second to none with American made products. Government regulations do protect us from poisonous, cancer-causing ingredients.

Did “B” get your attention?  That comment was made by a prominent mid-west business man. It stunned us to hear it.  But, then a Pacific northwest businesswoman said that sadly, she found his remark to be true.  American born laborers fool around on the job, would rather question a direction given to them by a supervisor or manager than follow orders, and produce less product within any given work day than their emigre co-worker.

Do you want a job, doing the same set of tasks, with your hands, over and over again? Have you ever held a job like that? Are you willing to take a job like that in order to take home a paycheck after being unemployed for any amount of time?  Your comments are welcome here, and on our Facebook page. But, please don’t spam. Our web host at WordPress will block your comments.  Let’s have a real conversation, shall we?

Apple Mac Pro: 9 Ways It Wows (via InformationWeek) Thomas Claburn Ignore the haters. Apple’s Mac Pro is one amazing machine. Here’s why. Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro became available for order Thursday, arriving at once as a symbol of the company’s capacity for innovation and as a reminder of how much…  

<a href="

Apple Mac Pro: 9 Ways It Wows (via InformationWeek)

Thomas Claburn Ignore the haters. Apple’s Mac Pro is one amazing machine. Here’s why. Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro became available for order Thursday, arriving at once as a symbol of the company’s capacity for innovation and as a reminder of how much…

Continue reading Apple Mac Pro: 9 Ways It Wows (via InformationWeek) Thomas Claburn Ignore the haters. Apple’s Mac Pro is one amazing machine. Here’s why. Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro became available for order Thursday, arriving at once as a symbol of the company’s capacity for innovation and as a reminder of how much…  

Campfire Stories

There are so many great Made in the USA products and so many great stories to choose from. But, there are some things that are just natural for hanging around the campfire on a summer’s night.

Where would we be without treats around the campfire? So, I present to you a proudly Made In America product, from the American Licorice Company. While you are thinking about sucking on a Red or Black Red, or Natural Vine; or sticking it into a can of beverage and using one as a straw, please remember to clean up your campsite!

American Licorice Company is working on a great project everyday–throwing less things into the garbage!campfire
Hear Their story here:


Then, think about where you’d be if your tent or sleeping bag had a broken zipper! You’d need to find a replacement for it, right? Might as well buy from an American supplier!
Learn more about the business that Mr. Feibusch built-in 1941 in New York, NY.  By clicking on the link below:


If you have any story suggestions please send them along. We’re always looking for stories about corporate social responsibility, businesses that create jobs in communities, and people who epitomize Americana.

Surviving Sandy-New York’s Icestone.

Click on the hyperlink below to listen to an inspiring story of surviving Sandy.

Patriot-Made Audiocast about Icestone recovering from Sandy

Icestone makes flooring and counter-tops from recycled glass and concrete, in a historic building, within the old Brookklyn Navy Yard.  Super Storm Sandy was not kind to this employee owned company.  But, the Icestone team is working hard to keep their company alive, and to meet their worldwide customer’s demands.

Please take a listen, and like us on Facebook and spread the Patriot-Made word!  Remember being a patriot has nothing to do with politics.  It has everything to do with that feeling in your gut.



Meet the Maryland Inventor of

Headbone -Whatsa Headbone?

Click on the link and hear my Patriot-Made Audiocast about a great comfortable product.   These neck and back support pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls (grown in New York State.) They’re manufactured in Los Angles. They are the brainchild of a Maryland woman –who still ships her product out of Chesepeake Bay area home.

Listen for this report on the Progressive Voices platform, and the TuneIn application!



website for Headbones



What Is Patriot-Made Audiocast™

Patriot-Made Audiocast™

It’s been awhile since Debra Grobman and I began our journey to create Patriot-Made Audiocast™ reports.  So, I thought our report subjects and those who stumble upon our blog would like an updated description about what it is that we are doing.   Thank you all for being interested in buying, wearing, using goods and services that are made in America.   Your desire isn’t to isolate our country from the rest of the world.  Your desire is to do what you can to put dollars and cents behind making our country stronger, with the hopes that your cash gets into the hands of your neighbors and friends. And, you take pride in what some call good old-fashioned American ingenuity.  You’re a patriot. 

 We thank you again.   Rita Rich 

What is the Patriot-Made Audiocast™:  A series of feature stories about the people and the things they make in America. Things that are consumed, worn, enjoyed, by all: food, shoes, boots, clothing, art, music, candy, cosmetics, toiletries, etc.   Things that help others make things and build the places where we live in our country.

Why the Patriot-Made Name : Because it can, and should, refer to any proud citizen of our country who invests himself in his community to enrich and serve the lives of others, whether it’s creating a food to meet the needs of those with special needs or a product that creates just one other job in America.  Being called a patriot doesn’t mean you’re a member of any political, religious, sectarian group or organization. Being a patriot is something a person feels from within.

Why Audiocast: Working with audio and sound is the passion of Patriot-Made Audiocast’s co-creators, Rita Rich and Debra Grobman, who are veteran radio professionals.  Both feel passionately about how audio enriches our everyday lives and is the most intimate and portable medium harnessed by humankind.  Listen to Patriot-Made Audiocast™ over the airwaves and on your personal digital device like your smart phone, Mp3 player or personal computer.

Why You Should Contribute Your Stories to Patriot-Made:  The producers ask  for your time to record a quick interview. In return you and your products are featured in stories that will be featured on websites, newsletters, blogs, radio stations and their websites, as well as, social network sites that are visited, or read, by thousands and thousands of readers and listeners who have already opted-in to receiving them.

Sponsorship inquiries are most welcome!

Contacts:  Rita Rich at info@ritarichmedia.net and Debra Grobman at dgcreative@mindspring.com