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2015 Labor Day Commentary

If You’re Reading This Today-Caught You!

Why are we writing this? Well, click here and you can hear our commentary.
It’s Labor Day weekend! What are you doing right now? Are you listening to the sounds of children playing? How about something grilling on the bar-b-que or Hibachi? Are you at a beach or driving in your car? Thanks for downloading our podcast and listening to the commentary of Patriot-Made Audiocast’s Rita Rich.

It’s not that Rita’s anti-social. She’s just like 26-million Americans who run a micro-business. That’s a business defined as having one to five employees. So, when she used to hear former employers joking around, “It’s tough being a boss,” she’s got a better understanding of what they meant. Or, does she? Is being the boss all that different now, then it was, say 50 years ago? Can bosses disconnect from those with whom they work? If not, why not? And, why not on this holiday weekend that is supposed to promote and celebrate advances of the U.S. workforce?

Thanks for listening.


Great Campout Challenge

It’s summertime and this month Patriot-Made Audio is featuring an interview with The National Wildlife Federation’s David Mizejewski (read his bio here). He says you may already have the basics for camping at home and encourages everyone to take the  Great Campout Challenge. Listen to our exclusive interview with David.

Tent camping with your family can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have as a traveler. There’s something about being away from home and then setting up your shelter together as a family or group, organizing your gear, your kitchen, cooking and working together: it’s always fertile ground for creativity, improvisation, comedy, and bonding which will undoubtedly create endearing life long memories.  

For example, I have many memories of hiking and camping with my kids and it used to be my strategy to wear the kids out before they wore me out. So, needless to say we’ve put a lot of miles on our boots, over the years. We’ve camped in California, Utah, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Here is one of my lasting memories, a memorable mid-night moment, when we were camping in the Shenandoah National Park one year.

Chelsie June 21 2014We had all gone to bed and Chelsie Girl our family dog had dug through the bottom of the tent…still attached to her rope. She was barking and barking her head off at 2:30 in the morning. Let me just say, she WOKE UP EVERYONE in the campground. But, this collie/lab/sheltie mix dog was gonna guard the entire camp ground, and that she did.

We armed ourselves with our flashlights and stepped out into the night air. We found Chelsie completely stretched the full length of her rope barking at what seemed like a thousand eyes staring back at us. We then saw that she was barking at a large herd of VERY ferocious deer. Embarrassed, we got her quieted down and back into the tent, as quietly as possible. We were relieved, but she had a much harder time going back to sleep than we did.  Also, I have this wonderful camp box I built with supplies which gets reviewed at the beginning of each summer I love it, and it makes the camping preparations much easier. There is a list duct taped on top of the lid. And, my daughter has built one for her growing family now as well. What’s in your camp box?

Patriot Made Audio researched and compiled the following useful camping resources:

Here are some links to some of the best places to camp in America:

Patriot-Made Audio encourages you to take the challenge and get out there and camp this summer! Camping gets people out of their comfort zones and into places and scenes they wouldn’t have found otherwise. It can be one of the greatest “classrooms” for everyone in your family.

When you’re knee-deep in camping gear, it’s easy to forget some of the most important items like flashlights or band aids of even food items. Before your next trip, create a must-bring bag or box with all 12 of the camping essentials we mentioned, so you’re never be without that one thing you forgot to bring.

Thanks for reading our Patriot-Made Blog and listening to our Podcasts! Please share our great American Made camping resources and APPS with your friends.

 ~ Written By: Alice M. Fisher

Nurses Tell Tales [Summer Memories #4]

Summer Girls HuggingPatriot Made Audio is publishing your recorded summer memories to our readers and listeners. Do tell us your favorite summer tale. Do you remember running around the yard catching fire flies, soccer camp, fishing expeditions, s’mores, hiking, camping, making a lemonade stand with your best friend, going off to camp for the first time, fireworks or endless games of Whiffle ball?  Here’s a sample sent to us from Nurse Talk Radio who shared their favorite summer memories. So don’t be shy, record and share your best summer memory with us, see our great tips below.


1) Tell A Story From This Summer. You may have just had the most awesome 4th of July this past weekend, or watched the Women’s National Soccer Championship, camped or went to the beach. Tell us!

2) Create A Summer Story From the Past. You can record a summer story about memories from your childhood or a story that was shared with you from their childhood. Share the best time you had as a kid.

3) Make a Summer Audio Journal. Have your or your children ever been asked at the beginning of the school year to write about their summer and they come to you and ask, “What did I do this summer?” While your kids are in the midst of their experiences, they don’t think they will ever forget but give them a few months, and they may not remember all the fun things they did during their time off.  Record a summer memories audio journal with your kids voices. Start at the beginning of summer and record dates of special outings, favorite activities, foods, unusual events, sleep overs, etc. Send it to us before school starts and we can post it up for your child to share at school. Record your best family memories with your kids.


You have two ways you can send your summer stories to us:
1) via email at patmadeaudio.com, or…
2) text it to us from your cell phone at (202) 594-6138.

1) If you have a cell phone, record your voice, or your kids voices.
2) Just use the voice memo or download a voice recorder app
3) Once you have recorded a story, save it with your name
4) Oregon SummerThen share it with us by just typing in our cell phone number (202) 594-6138 or email.

Summer is always a special time in America. It’s  a time when families take vacations, run marathons, take time to ha1st Summer Marathonngout at the beach, or take a road trip to visit relatives, go to a bar-b-q or have a picnic. When taking time off creating summer memories at family gatherings you might just hear a bit of family fable; war stories, stories of riding that fabulous ocean wave; body surfing off of Montauk Point or a summer camp crush.  Don’t be shy. You name it and send to us and we’ll put it together in a Patriot-Made Audiocast.

Petco Pulls Chinese-Made Dog Treats: Enter Fresh Dog

FreshDog Small LogoPETCO said Monday it has removed all remaining Chinese-made dog and cat treats from its website and stores nationwide because of concerns they have killed 1,000 dogs in the U.S. since 2007. The San Diego-based company and its rival PetSmart remove pet treats made in China after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it had received about 4,800 complaints of pet illnesses which may be linked to jerky treats made there. PETCO is the first national pet retailer to pull the treats from its 1,300 stores.  John Sturm, PETCO’s vice president of pet nutrition and merchandising, said  “For us to make this decision, we had to take down a $30-million business and rebuild it from scratch,” he said. He also said the company expects to make up those sales as it expands its selection of treats from smaller vendors in the United States (as well as New Zealand, Australia and South America).

FreshDog LogoEnter Fresh Dog’s Dog Treats which are made in the USA and are100% Natural.

As a result of the very recent national news PETCO, Patriot-Made Audio interviewed Jim C. Cascarano of Fresh Dog. Take a listen our interview here.

FreshDog Treats are packed with healthy ingredients to help best friends look and feel their freshest. Crafted from a simple, digestible blend of chicken and whole grains. Ingredients Include: Oat Groats, Rice Bran, Rice Flour, Palm Oil, Flax Seed Meal, Cooked Chicken Powder, Cod Liver Oil, Triglycerin, Glycerin, Sorbic Acid, Natural Bacon Flavor, Lecithin, Fish Oil Powder, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Sulfate, Biotin.

~Side effects may include dogs looking in the mirror for hours on end, at themselves.

You can also find FreshDog on Facebook and Twitter.

Stocking Stuffer Suggestion: Seeds of Happiness

Bag of SeedsHow a smile can be the best you can do for someone facing a real tough time this holiday season.  Artist and entrepreneur Mark Borella shares his story about Seeds of Happiness with Patriot-Made Audiocast producer, Rita Rich.  Visit the Seeds of Happiness website.  In addition to their original Seeds of Happiness, their product line also includes large smiles, specialty seeds, ie. sunflower seeds, graduate seeds, and a full apparel line. Mark is proud that SOH are handmade in the USA, follow SOH viaTwitter.

Patriot-Made Audio encourages holiday shoppers to spend $114.00 in 2014, on U.S. made products, to help create 200,000 jobs. Debra Grobman, co-founder of Patriot-Made Audio says, “If each person spends just $114.00 on U.S. made products and gifts, it could potentially create 200,000 jobs.  Gobman continues, “If the total amount of sales for the holiday season is spent only on U.S. made products which totals  more than $465 billion in sales, the National Retail Federation estimates. If that money was spent entirely on US made  products it would create 4.6 million jobs.

Rita Rich, an award winning story teller and co-founder of Patriot-Made Audio says, “It is our hope that we all can make a difference, by starting a new holiday tradition to support U.S. based jobs, grow middle America and our U.S. Economy.”

A Reminder: Vets and Those Currently Serving Are Observing Memorial Day

While you are thinking about another hotdog, or diving into the deep section of the pool, or tapping the sand of your sneakers at the beach, remember, this is a time to remember.

Patriot Made Audiocast talked with Michael “Mick” Yauger, who is the National Director of the Teamster Military Assistance Program about Memorial Day.

Hear what Teamster’s Mick Yauger Has To Saymick

The San Diego County Wildfires

Listen to our Report with Navy Chaplain Joel Newman#San Diego WildfiresClick Here to Listen to our Story

Navel Chaplain Joel Newman is set to retire from his post at the Coronado Navel Base, in Southern California.  His last days as a non-combat Navel officer are busy ones because of the wildfires that have been burning throughout San Diego County.

Patriot-Made Audiocast caught up with Rabbi Newman and we were fortunate to be able to spend some time with him on SKYPE.

We hope you click on the link above and please come back to this blog/website again for more stories.

Connecting with the Past…Sounds, Like a Cutting from Grandmas Garden

(Listen to the report here: http://snd.sc/14NgrlY)
We at Patriot-Made had the great pleasure of spending over an hour on the Skype with Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally. Perhaps it’s the world of blue grass/country and musicians that they live in everyday that made the time seem like no time at all. It was one of the friendliest, free-flowing chats we recorded.

Here’s a short spot about these fine folks, who delight in sharing the warmth and beauty of their lives, like they do the nutrition and bounty of their garden: one clip at a time. You’ll find that Nell and Jim–siblings from different mothers and fathers–share stories of their lives, with every song that they sing. Take a listen to this report, and if you’re interested in the CD that inspired it called, “House & Garden” you’ll find it at Amazon.com

Proceeds of the CD go to the American Community Gardening Association. http://www.communitygarden.org

Surviving Sandy-New York’s Icestone.

Click on the hyperlink below to listen to an inspiring story of surviving Sandy.

Patriot-Made Audiocast about Icestone recovering from Sandy

Icestone makes flooring and counter-tops from recycled glass and concrete, in a historic building, within the old Brookklyn Navy Yard.  Super Storm Sandy was not kind to this employee owned company.  But, the Icestone team is working hard to keep their company alive, and to meet their worldwide customer’s demands.

Please take a listen, and like us on Facebook and spread the Patriot-Made word!  Remember being a patriot has nothing to do with politics.  It has everything to do with that feeling in your gut.



What Is Patriot-Made Audiocast™

Patriot-Made Audiocast™

It’s been awhile since Debra Grobman and I began our journey to create Patriot-Made Audiocast™ reports.  So, I thought our report subjects and those who stumble upon our blog would like an updated description about what it is that we are doing.   Thank you all for being interested in buying, wearing, using goods and services that are made in America.   Your desire isn’t to isolate our country from the rest of the world.  Your desire is to do what you can to put dollars and cents behind making our country stronger, with the hopes that your cash gets into the hands of your neighbors and friends. And, you take pride in what some call good old-fashioned American ingenuity.  You’re a patriot. 

 We thank you again.   Rita Rich 

What is the Patriot-Made Audiocast™:  A series of feature stories about the people and the things they make in America. Things that are consumed, worn, enjoyed, by all: food, shoes, boots, clothing, art, music, candy, cosmetics, toiletries, etc.   Things that help others make things and build the places where we live in our country.

Why the Patriot-Made Name : Because it can, and should, refer to any proud citizen of our country who invests himself in his community to enrich and serve the lives of others, whether it’s creating a food to meet the needs of those with special needs or a product that creates just one other job in America.  Being called a patriot doesn’t mean you’re a member of any political, religious, sectarian group or organization. Being a patriot is something a person feels from within.

Why Audiocast: Working with audio and sound is the passion of Patriot-Made Audiocast’s co-creators, Rita Rich and Debra Grobman, who are veteran radio professionals.  Both feel passionately about how audio enriches our everyday lives and is the most intimate and portable medium harnessed by humankind.  Listen to Patriot-Made Audiocast™ over the airwaves and on your personal digital device like your smart phone, Mp3 player or personal computer.

Why You Should Contribute Your Stories to Patriot-Made:  The producers ask  for your time to record a quick interview. In return you and your products are featured in stories that will be featured on websites, newsletters, blogs, radio stations and their websites, as well as, social network sites that are visited, or read, by thousands and thousands of readers and listeners who have already opted-in to receiving them.

Sponsorship inquiries are most welcome!

Contacts:  Rita Rich at info@ritarichmedia.net and Debra Grobman at dgcreative@mindspring.com